Various Activities for Students Development

In order to develop the practical knowledge of students in all areas of Civil Engineering, various activities, site, project visits, training workshops are conducted.

1. Visit to Site of Concrete Road Construction
2. One Week Survey on Total Station
3. Outdoor Survey Camp of 4 days
4. 1 month training on Autocad
5. Internships on various Industry Projects
6. 1 month Training on REVIT Structures
7. Visit to a Dam Site, Eg: Jayakwadi Dam
8. Study of Various Building Components on Site
9. Visit to Metro Rail Project
10. Visit to Pre Cast Concrete Members Fabrication
11. Study of Fly-overs, Bridges, Aqueducts by Visiting the Sites
12. Visit to Water Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plants
13. Study of Steel Structures
14. Planning and construction of Check Dams
15. Visit to Multi-storied and Green Building Projects