Expert Lectures from Engineers of Bajaj Auto Ltd., Pune

To introduce students to real-world life experiences about designing, manufacturing and production, expert lectures from experienced engineers of Bajaj Auto Lt., Pune is a regular feature of the Institute. From the position of someone who has been there and done actual implementation of the design, assembly, various production aspects and R&D, the dissemination of practical knowledge is more fruitful and meaningful.

These experts from Bajaj Auto Ltd., Pune, share their vast experience, know-how and practical problems tackled by engineering solutions. They impart this expertise on various topics related to Automobiles and Design concepts, Fits, Limits and Tolerances, Brakes, Wheels and Tyres, Suspension Systems and Steering mechanisms, Design of Manufacturing, Super Finishing operations and Transmission Systems. This way, the students better understand the entire processes and operations in the Automobile Industry.