Civil Engineering

The department has well equipped state-of-the-art laboratories for Surveying, Geotechnical Engineering, Concrete Technology, Transportation Engineering, Materials Testing, Autocad and Quality Testing of water and waste water samples. Major equipments available in the department are Plate Load Test, Standard Penetration Test, Benkelman Beam Test, Merlin Test, Marshall Stability Test, Field CBR Test, Universal Testing Machine (1000 KN), Flexural Testing Machine (1000 KN), Concrete Mixer, Accelerated Curing Tank, Compression Testing Machine (3000 KN), Total Station for Surveying and Water samples testing kit. Softwares such as Autocad, STAAD Pro, REVIT are also available. Learning process of students is made more practical oriented by actually explaining the concepts on site. Live industrial projects in third year and final year are alloted to students coupled with their internships so as to make them industry ready.

Dr. Sanjay Mahajan

Head of the Department

Programme offered by the department

Sr. No. Title In-take
1 B. Tech. Civil Engineering 60
Sr. No.TitleDownload
1B. Tech. Second YearDownload
2B. Tech. Third YearDownload
3B. Tech. Final YearDownload
Various Activities for Students Development

In order to develop the practical knowledge of students in all areas of Civil Engineering, various activities, site, project visits, training workshops are conducted.

1. Visit to Site of Concrete Road Construction
2. One Week Survey on Total Station
3. Outdoor Survey Camp of 4 days
4. 1 month training on Autocad
5. Internships on various Industry Projects
6. 1 month Training on REVIT Structures
7. Visit to a Dam Site, Eg: Jayakwadi Dam
8. Study of Various Building Components on Site
9. Visit to Metro Rail Project
10. Visit to Pre Cast Concrete Members Fabrication
11. Study of Fly-overs, Bridges, Aqueducts by Visiting the Sites
12. Visit to Water Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plants
13. Study of Steel Structures
14. Planning and construction of Check Dams
15. Visit to Multi-storied and Green Building Projects

Students Visit Indian Institutes of Technology for Participating in Tech-Fests

Educational Tour to Wan Prakalp Wari Dam and Jayakwadi Dam

Outdoor Survey Camps

Dr. Sanjay Mahajan

Professor and Head of the Department

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Dr. Ashutosh Dabli

Associate Professor

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Dipak Mangrulkar

Assistant Professor

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Amit Khandve

Assistant Professor

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Prathik Kulkarni

Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor

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