First Year Engineering

The First Year Department plays a dynamic role in the overall development of students towards Engineering & Basic Science Courses. The department has well-equipped laboratories with modern equipments. Students learn subjects in First Year to strengthen their fundamentals which include Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Mathematics, Communication Skills, Engineering Graphics, Computer Programing, Engineering Mechanics, Energy & Environmental Engineering, Basics of Electrical, Electronics, Civil and Mechanical Engineering Subjects. There are many hands-on practice sessions with a more practical approach. The Department also encourages the students for the development of mini-projects right from the first-year level. All branches students learn the workshop practises and carry out their own jobs. The Department has highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are actively engaged in different areas of Science and Technology. The department also encourages students to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities through their student forum "Start-BIT".

Dr. Vivek Bhusari

Head of the Department

Dr. Vijay Deshmukh

Co-Head of the Department

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First Year Induction Program

3-4 Weeks induction program for newly admitted students of first-year is conducted from 1st of August every year. Chairman and Principal welcome and address the students. The students are made accustomed to the institute rules and regulations, administrative processes, working procedures, awareness about facilities in the institute, teaching-learning process implementation etc. For motivation, increasing students’ enthusiasm, removing their fear and homesickness, several activities are conducted so that students start acclimatizing in the institute. In this month students’ hidden talents are also explored and some part of the day’s schedule is invested in building the basic fundamentals of Mathematics and Applied Sciences subjects. In the last few days, students body forum “START-BIT” is installed with the investiture ceremony of the President and Secretary of the forum.


Through this students forum, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are conducted mostly by the students and some by the faculty coordinators. The activities include:

1. Guest Lectures on Scientific and Industrial Research and the latest technologies.
2. Technical and General Quiz Competition.
3. Mini-Projects Exhibition
4. Industrial and Site Visits.
5. Elocution/Debate/Extempore competition.
6. Logical and Analytical Reasoning Skills Test
7. Psychometric Tests.
8. Some Social and Cultural activities.

Workshops on Stress Management and Time Management

Workshops on Personality Development and Goal Setting

Dr. Vivek Bhusari

Associate Professor in Engg. Chemistry and Head of the Department

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Dr. Vijay Deshmukh

Associate Professor in Engg. Physics and Co-Head of the Department

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Shyam Bhadade

Associate Professor in Mathematics

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Dr. Nilesh Ashtankar

Assistant Professor in Mathematics

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Naina Jagyasi

Assistant Professor in Humanities

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Abhijeet Dehadrai

Assistant Professor in Humanities

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Srinivaasan G.

Assistant Professor

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