Mechanical Engineering

The department has well-equipped laboratories including major equipments like Steam Boiler, Rapid Prototyping Machine, Advanced CNC Lathe & Milling Machines, Electrical Discharge Machine, 3 D Printing Machine,Profile Projector, PUC Test Apparatus, Advanced 4 Stroke Petrol and Diesel Engines, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning set up, Mechatronics and Robotics lab, Tilting Flume and other hydraulic equipments. These quality calibrated equipments are used by students for their mini and major projects. The department also has procured softwares such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, Creo, CAD, ANSYS etc. In final year, for major projects, the focus is given on industry live problems, agricultural applications and advanced industrial applications.

Dr. Deepak Bhope

Head of the Department

Programme offered by the department

Sr. No. Title In-take
1 B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering 60
Sr. No.TitleDownload
1B. Tech. Second YearDownload
2B. Tech. Third YearDownload
3B. Tech. Final YearDownload
A Series of lectures by Experts from Bajaj Auto Ltd.

To introduce students to real-world life experiences about designing, manufacturing and production, expert lectures from experienced engineers of Bajaj Auto Lt., Pune is a regular feature of the Institute. From the position of someone who has been there and done actual implementation of the design, assembly, various production aspects and R&D, the dissemination of practical knowledge is more fruitful and meaningful.

These experts from Bajaj Auto Ltd., Pune, share their vast experience, know-how and practical problems tackled by engineering solutions. They impart this expertise on various topics related to Automobiles and Design concepts, Fits, Limits and Tolerances, Brakes, Wheels and Tyres, Suspension Systems and Steering mechanisms, Design of Manufacturing, Super Finishing operations and Transmission Systems. This way, the students better understand the entire processes and operations in the Automobile Industry.

Expert Guest Lectures & Workshops

Workshops, Expert Guest Lectures, Training programs related to current technology and trends are organized for students.

  1. 3D Printing Workshop
  2. Product Design and Development
  3. Aerospace Engineering
  4. Additive Manufacturing Process
  5. Creo Software training
  6. Training on Computational Fluid Dynamics
  7. Guest lecture on Nano-technology applications
  8. Guest Lectures on Productivity, Optimization in processes and Organization behavior.


Students Forum “Make-BIT”

Make-BIT is a forum for conduction of co-curricular activities. Mostly students organize the activities and some of the activities are organized by the faculty coordinators. Following activities are generally organized under this forum :
1. Machine Component Design Competition
2. Fabrication Competition
3. Technical Paper Presentation Competition
5. Internal Hackathon on Application Based Projects
6. Seminars on recent trends in the industry

7. General and Technical Quiz Competition

Dr. Deepak Bhope

Professor and Head of the Department

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Dr. Pawan Chandak

Associate Professor

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Dr. Manish Pasarkar

Associate Professor

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Dr. Vikas Gohil

Sr. Assistant Professor

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Mandar Gupte

Assistant Professor

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Pankaj Bhise

Assistant Professor

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Suraj Vairagade

Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor

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