T & P Initiatives

The institute has a Training and Placement Cell which consists of faculty and students. The cell is responsible for organizing training activities and liaison with industries for placements and internships. Following activities are conducted by the cell:

  • Aptitude workshop for students
  • Soft Skills training Programmes
  • Resume Preparation, Checking and Student profile updating
  • Mock interviews
  • Technical Workshops
  • Regular aptitude tests
  • Helping students prepare LinkedIn profiles
  • Dissemination of information related to competitive exams, hiring hackathons and follow up.

The institute has also conducted employability assessment tests by AMCAT (Aspiring Minds) and AON Cocubes for the students.

AON Cocubes Assessments

The institute has tied up with AON Cocubes. AON Cocubes is a company which does the assessments on behalf of the companies. Students who secure a good grade in these assessments get a direct interview opportunity. In addition to these tests, 07 practice tests are also provided by the AON Cocubes company.

Training Session by ‘Barclays’ to Students

Why should Companies/Industries hire our Students

  • Because they represent a combination of intellect, attitude and values. Notable are simplicity, discipline, sense of responsibility, respect for work, hard work, teamwork, positive outlook, resilient and ethical behaviour.

  • Because they have been taught by good faculty who are student-centric and have a positive work culture.                    

  • Because from the word go they were taught to build capabilities and not to chase a degree. They were assessed as much on projects as on theory.

  • Because they have had access to first rate facilities needed for them to learn, especially laboratories and workshop, equipped with over Rs 200 mn of equipment.

  • Because they have undergone 2 or 3 internships in industry and are well aware of industrial environment and work culture.

  • Because outstanding industry professionals have taught them a part of their course and about the latest technology.

  • Because they know what is good and have been encouraged to participate and excel in technical and sporting contests. They like to compete, and for a fledgling institution they have competed well in a number of spheres.

  • Because their institution has a broader purpose coming from its industry origin and very long standing, over a century, with a social commitment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Training and Placement Committee

Dr. Kantilal Joshi

Head, Training & Placements



Sr. NoName RoleEmail
1Prof. Santosh KumarCoordinator, Mechanical
2Prof. Amreen KhanCoordinator, Computer
3Prof. Pratik VyasCoordinator, Civil
4Prof. Aniruddha MarothiyaCoordinator, Electrical