Computer Engineering

The department is equipped with the latest configured computer systems in five different laboratories. Apart from these labs, centralized computational facilities are also available. There are smart classrooms for effective teaching-learning. Specialized hardware and software packages are procured. Besides software development and networking, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) laboratories are also available in the department. Latest softwares such AWS Educate Licence for Cloud Computing and CISCO Network Lab are procured for students training and projects.

Prof. Sheetal A. Kale

Head of the Department

Programme offered by the department

Sr. No. Title In-take
1 B. Tech. Computer Engineering 120
Sr. No. Title Download
1B. Tech. Second YearDownload
2B. Tech. Third YearDownload
4B. Tech. Final YearDownload
Expert Lectures

Expert Lectures related to current technology and trends are organized for students.

1. AWS Cloud Computing.
2. Big Data Analytics.
3. Ethical Hacking and Cyber Crime.
4. SAP and Its Applications.
5. Current Market trends
6. Machine Learning and Applications.
7. Smart India Hackathon Preparation.


Students Forum “Network-BIT”

Network-BIT is a forum for conduction of co-curricular activities like:
1. Programming Competitions
2. IoT based projects Competitions
3. PC build Competitions
4. Technical paper presentation Competitions
5. Internal Hackathons
6. Seminars on recent trends in the industry

Internal Hackathon

To stimulate the creativity of participants, foster problem-solving skills and for preparation of National Smart India Hackathon, the Department organizes Internal Hackathon.

Sheetal Kale

Professor and Head of the Department

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Dr. Sagarkumar Badhiye

Associate Professor

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Abhishek Kinhekar

Assistant Professor

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Amit Manakshe

Assistant Professor

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Sandesh Jain

Assistant Professor

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Amreen Khan

Assistant Professor

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Urvashi Pote

Assistant Professor

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Amol Jumde

Assistant Professor

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Hirkani Padwad

Assistant Professor

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Jagdish Chakole

Assistant Professor

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