Shri. Rahul Bajaj

Chairman, Bajaj Auto Ltd. and

President, Shiksha Mandal

At a time when Engineering admissions are going abegging, it is legitimate to wonder why Shiksha Mandal invested over Rs 80 Crores in a new Engineering Institution. The answer has a number of aspects. First, that technology is what drives change in today’s world and if Shiksha Mandal is not in that space it is unable to fulfil its mandate of contributing to national development. Second, Shiksha Mandal is a Bajaj Educational Trust and the Bajaj Group is essentially an Engineering and Finance group. Bajaj Auto, Bajaj Electricals and Mukand Ltd. are engineering companies. So funding of the project has been done by Bajaj trusts and there will be synergy between Bajaj Institute of Technology and Bajaj Group of companies in the future. Third, Shiksha Mandal’s existing institutions, notably its Polytechnic and Science Colleges have an organic linkage with engineering colleges. We believe in delivering more than we promise, so are circumspect in making promises. But between Shiksha Mandal and Bajaj's Companies, we are confident that Bajaj Institute of Technology will produce capable technocrats and their quality will keep on improving. Industry needs outstanding professionals, so it is in its own self enlightened interest to contribute to the process of their education. I commend the work of the Shiksha Mandal team and that of the Bajaj Institute of Technology team. I am thankful to the outstanding professionals on its Governing Board for giving time and energy in shaping it.


Bajaj Institute of Technology is a major statement by Shiksha Mandal. That is proud of its past, it is geared to the future. It is heartening to note the response of students to Bajaj Institute of Technology in its first year. Shiksha Mandal does not advertise in the media and yet there was a 100% allocation of students. This reflects the credibility of both, the Bajaj name and Shiksha Mandal’s track record. Doing right for the future of our students and institution is what permeates and drives Shiksha Mandal. This often means choosing a path less taken, like affiliating to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University. Leaders are not followers, but they have the responsibility to deliver a better outcome, to do what is right. Only God knows the future. We can only be future oriented and be both determined and flexible in the pursuit of our goals. Bajaj Institute of Technology has done well in its initial year, despite the inevitable teething troubles. It has delivered on its promise of giving exposure to its students. Its students undergo Industrial Training at Bajaj Auto Ltd, Aurangabad. It is the only institution in the whole country to offer such an exposure to its students. We are thankful to Bajaj Auto Ltd. for making this possible. From next year Adjunct faculty from Bajaj group companies will become a regular feature of the teaching process. This will substantially enhance the learning of our students. When we know why we need to learn something, our motivation to learn improves exponentially.

Shri. Sanjay Bhargava

Chairman Shiksha Mandal

The industrial exposure and interaction at Bajaj Institute of Technology will give a substantial boost to the drive to learn of our students. The team at Bajaj Institute of Technology, led by Dr N. M. Kanhe, has been student centric and indefatigable. We are overwhelmed by the number and quality of aspirants for teaching positions at the Institute. This augurs well for the institution’s future. For faculty is the foundation of an educational institution. Bajaj Institute of Technology is both young and old. With the energy of the young and the stability and wisdom of its mother institution Shiksha Mandal. It is a recipe for progress. We invite students, who want to be outstanding engineers, to be part of this journey.

Board of Governance

Sr. No. Position Name Nominee Background
1 Chairman Shri. Rahul Bajaj Trustee Chairman, Bajaj Auto Ltd.
2 Member Shri. Shekhar Bajaj Trustee Chairman, Bajaj Electricals Ltd.
3 Member Shri. Sanjay Bhargava Trustee Chairman, Shiksha Mandal
4 Member Shri. C. Y. Deshpande Trustee Rtd. G.M. , R & D Division, Bajaj Auto Ltd.
5 Member Shri. Pradip Shrivastava Trustee Executive Director, Bajaj Auto Ltd.
6 Member Shri. Umesh Joshi Trustee Structural Designer & Partner, J. W. Consultants, Pune
7 Member Shri. Sharat Bhargava Trustee Rtd. Sr. Vice President, L & T, Bombay
8 Member Dr. Umesh Deshpande Education Institute Professor and Head, Computer Sc. and Engg., VNIT, Nagpur
9 Member Secretary Dr. Narendra Kanhe Trustee Principal, Bajaj Institute of Technology, Wardha
10 Member Regional Director, AICTE AICTE Western Regional Office
11 Member Industrialist AICTE Industry Expert
12 Member Registrar Affiliating University DBATU
13 Member Director State Government DTE
14 Member Dr. Vijay Deshmukh Faculty Asst. Prof. In Physics, BIT, Wardha


In Bajaj Institute of Technology, we have provided state of the art laboratories, so that students can perform experiments with their own hands, helping them to become practical engineers with hands on experience. Here, learning process is such that, students will be able to develop higher order thinking skills, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. We would like students to be passionate, so that even after completing the course, they will continue their learnings to acquire latest knowledge in their respective field.

Mr. C Y Deshpande

Dean Engineering,

Retired G. M. R & D Division, Bajaj Auto Ltd.


Dr. Narendra Kanhe


Principal's Desk
At Bajaj Institute of Technology, we aim at making the students industry ready by providing them excellent learning environment, concentrating on their practical education, project based learning, industrial internships, communication and presentation skills so that they become industry ready. With us the students will have four memorable years of their life, where they will become competent technically and good professionals and get addicted to life long learning and improvement.

Brief Introduction : Dr. Narendra Kanhe
Dr. Narendra Kanhe has about 29 years of rich experience in the technical education, research and consultancy, which includes 10 years as a Principal. He has taught Civil Engineering at graduate and post graduate level and guided projects in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He has to his credit 35 research papers published in International and National Journals and conferences. He had registered 7 patents in the field of Energy, Environment and Hydraulics, 2 of which have been awarded. He has visited Ohio State University and Lamar University USA, Hohai University, Nanjing China for research collaborations and International Conference. He is approved Supervisor of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University and 6 candidates have been awarded Ph. D. in Civil Engineering under his supervision. He is a Life Fellow of Indian Water Works Association, Life Member of Indian Concrete Institute and Indian Society for Technical Education. He is a motivational speaker, guide and counselor to the students. He believes in the proverb ‘Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently’.